Brand New Email


So I created a new email address for LBEW.
So if you want to talk to me directly re the jewelry, pricing, custom item request, general inquiry, etc. please feel free to contact me there.

But if you like how things went before, and would rather keep my default general email, please continue to use; or if you just want to talk to me for whatever sweet reason:

Thanks for your support, as always.



(Been) Back in business

After a close to two-months of a break from Etsy, I finally got back on the game (well, starting in September)

I re-photographed the jewelry I make so that there was some cohesiveness among the products.
I think that was the biggest task at hand. I also tweaked the store policy a bit. Nowadays, I've been focusing on making new items to sell. And now as Holiday season is approaching, there's a lot to do.

So come on down and checkout my store at http://phjunn.etsy.com !!!

If you also want to order something custom-made for you! I'm very open to the idea.

Until later.



I decided to take the month of July off (on Etsy, only), so I can revamp my store :)

Will be reopening in August, so do stay tuned!!

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts/likes/dislikes about what you see?

Thanks for your support, as always!!



"Every day is SOMEBODY's birthday"

decided a new motto for LBEW:

"Everyday is SOMEBODY's birthday"

I noticed that I have so much more fun making something for someone as a gift. I mean, let's face it... Gifting makes people (on both sides) much happier than selling; however, it IS what sells that feeds me (kinda sorta).....

So from now on, I'll make every creation a gift for someone out there that I have (not) met.... Not that i didn't think that before.. but now i am setting an intention for it. :) <3 Here are some examples of gifts I made:

(note: these are made for specific special people in my life)


Trip to NYC + Family Music Fest (6/5/2011)

It was an exciting trip I made to NYC last week.

The cocktail party at the Use Your Head Shop was very well attended and filled with glamour!

I finally got to see who the famous Countess LuAnn was for the first time! (i don't have tv.. so yea)

At the cocktail party, I managed to meet some really cool people who I would like to stay in touch with. and it was definitely an experience to have.

At the end of my trip in NYC, I went back to the store and Carlos took 5 more pairs of my earrings, which makes the total of consigned earrings 11 pairs!

I am very excited about that.

Did I mention that the first one sold?

This is all very exciting for LBEW!

Speaking of EXCITEMENT!

LBEW will be a participating vendor (1st time) at the Family Music Festival in Cambridge that will take place on JUNE 5th, 2011 from NOON - 3PM.

Which means, I'm gonna be in MAJOR PRODUCTION MODE from now till that exciting day comes!

SUNDAY, 6/5/2011
25 Lowell Street,
Cambridge, MA
(Across from Mount Auburn Hospital)

Hope you can make it?


Exciting things happening!!

A lot of exciting things have been happening @ LBEW lately.

and tomorrow is another one!

So I'm going down to NYC for this event!
I'm really really excited.

What makes it better is that one of the six earrings I consigned to this very store sold a few days ago!!

which one? you may ask...

it is THIS very pair!!
I've always liked this one, I'm glad someone took it home!

So I'm bringing some other earrings to see if dear Carlos can consign them as well!

Wish me luck!!

**coming up**
...LBEW coming-about story....


They have finally arrived!!!

When I say "They" I mean my precious new business cards!!!

I thought I had to wait 21 days to have them in my two hands, but nope... it didn't take so long!!
GO Vistaprint!!!

I desperately needed the cards when I went to Philly-NYC last weekend, so I had to resort to making makeshift bzns cards at home with my little HP printer....
That was interesting...
It was indeed a pain to have them aligned right on the Adobe Illustrator (of which I've never used before), print them on card stock, and then CUT them..... I mean, it's simple manual labor (+some computer work) but it took way too long, and the outcome wasn't.... let's just say I wasn't 100% satisfied...

So now, I'm super PSYCHED!!

I also got a shiny card case to go with my minty fresh business cards!!

Wanna see? Sure you do.....

Aren't they beautiful!!????



display @ Use Your Head...Shop for a cause in fashionable NoLita, NYC

as of today, six pairs of earrings from LBEW jewelry are being displayed at the wonderful store in NoLita, NYC.
The store is called Use Your Head...Shop for a cause, which is located on 262 Mott St, between Prince and Houston street.

The mission of the store is as follows:
All of the profits of our store go back to ACE (Association of Community Employment). ACE is a not-for-profit organization, and its aim is to help homeless people find jobs. We've served more than 1300 recovering homeless men and women. In the past 5 years, we've helped more than 270 homeless people transition into full-time employment

I am so happy to be working with UYH shop and Carlos on this project.

So looking forward to what is to come in the future!!!


LBEW might be branching beyond the border of Boston

So I am currently typing @ a beautiful, quirky youth hostel in Philadelhpia.
I am here for business as an event photographer for massmouth, which is my other passion in my day-to-day life these days.
I'll be documenting a smack-down between Boston vs Philly storytellers. So exciting!!!

Tomorrow I am heading to NYC to discuss the possibility of displaying my jewelry at a store in SoHo. I am very very excited!!
It's even cooler than it sounds because this store donates 100% of it's proceeds to rehabilitating homeless people in the city. Http://www.acenewyork.org
I first stumbled upon this store a couple weekends ago by chance. And when I heard about their cause, I instantly knew we had a connection....
So when I told Carlos my story with buttons and Rosie's Place he asked if I'd be interested in consigning my jewelry there. My response?
So tomorrow is the day!

Wish us luck??


"Change is inevitable, growth is optional."
-John C. Maxwell


LBEW has a blog now!!

Hello everybody!!

LBEW has a blog now! I thought about getting twitter, but then....
thought, I think a blog will serve us better than twitter... (no offense intended Twitter peeps!... Maybe some day ;))

So here we are!

Now you can view stuff from LBEW via:

So please stay tuned, as I will be updating y'all on my new creations and stories and all that wonderful jazz!!

Looking forward to connecting with you more and MORE!!