Brand New Email


So I created a new email address for LBEW.
So if you want to talk to me directly re the jewelry, pricing, custom item request, general inquiry, etc. please feel free to contact me there.

But if you like how things went before, and would rather keep my default general email, please continue to use; or if you just want to talk to me for whatever sweet reason:

Thanks for your support, as always.



(Been) Back in business

After a close to two-months of a break from Etsy, I finally got back on the game (well, starting in September)

I re-photographed the jewelry I make so that there was some cohesiveness among the products.
I think that was the biggest task at hand. I also tweaked the store policy a bit. Nowadays, I've been focusing on making new items to sell. And now as Holiday season is approaching, there's a lot to do.

So come on down and checkout my store at http://phjunn.etsy.com !!!

If you also want to order something custom-made for you! I'm very open to the idea.

Until later.