"Everyday is SOMEBODY's Birthday"

I have mentioned this before, but I find creating much more fun and rewarding when I think I am gifting it to someone.

Rather than making for selling.

And it's true, Any day, Every day is SOMEBODY's Birthday!

But the other day was my dear friend Heather's day, so I made this for her:
Labradorite (?), pearls, garnet

I think she liked it. 

and this is what I made for my recipient:
Also, I'm participating in an Art Exchange project where each month People get creative, make things and send to another person participating in the project. It's quite fun!

Quartz, onyx, metal balls

The following two pairs I didn't make thinking about a specific somebody, but tried the design anyway:
Stone, coral

this is a new design i'm trying...
I haven't done linking beads together the way I did here before. It was tedious, but I like the result.
I've only seen it done with pearls, so this was a nice contrast.
I think the colors complement each other, which I like...
Sapphire, rose quartz, fire-polished beads
 this was very much inspired by the earrings I made for Heather. The drops I used for this pair and heather's pair came from a pair of earrings my mother gave to me with all these semi precious stones hanging like a chandelier. I should have taken a picture. It was a beautiful collection of gems, but somehow the length and everything didn't work. So I' deconstructed the beautiful pair and am recreating earrings from it.

the aftermath of deconstruction of my own b-day gift

I'm using more natural light for my jewelry photography, and I think i like it (?).
It's less harsh, it seems.