Trip to NYC + Family Music Fest (6/5/2011)

It was an exciting trip I made to NYC last week.

The cocktail party at the Use Your Head Shop was very well attended and filled with glamour!

I finally got to see who the famous Countess LuAnn was for the first time! (i don't have tv.. so yea)

At the cocktail party, I managed to meet some really cool people who I would like to stay in touch with. and it was definitely an experience to have.

At the end of my trip in NYC, I went back to the store and Carlos took 5 more pairs of my earrings, which makes the total of consigned earrings 11 pairs!

I am very excited about that.

Did I mention that the first one sold?

This is all very exciting for LBEW!

Speaking of EXCITEMENT!

LBEW will be a participating vendor (1st time) at the Family Music Festival in Cambridge that will take place on JUNE 5th, 2011 from NOON - 3PM.

Which means, I'm gonna be in MAJOR PRODUCTION MODE from now till that exciting day comes!

SUNDAY, 6/5/2011
25 Lowell Street,
Cambridge, MA
(Across from Mount Auburn Hospital)

Hope you can make it?


Exciting things happening!!

A lot of exciting things have been happening @ LBEW lately.

and tomorrow is another one!

So I'm going down to NYC for this event!
I'm really really excited.

What makes it better is that one of the six earrings I consigned to this very store sold a few days ago!!

which one? you may ask...

it is THIS very pair!!
I've always liked this one, I'm glad someone took it home!

So I'm bringing some other earrings to see if dear Carlos can consign them as well!

Wish me luck!!

**coming up**
...LBEW coming-about story....