Wow, it's been awhile since my last post! It's a new year now, and I have good feelings... So what have I been up to? Well, last fall I took a beginning jewelry metalsmithing class at MassArt. and it was AWESOME.

 Here are some samples I've made:

Silver ring. It's of my logo. can you tell?
"Hug" Pendant.... it's two people hugging... made this via cuttle fish casting technique. it was a lot of fun. I realize that many people think of boobs when they see this, but my intention was to depict an embrace.
Made this pin thinking about my friend who loves mountains... it's really small. a little bigger than a thumbnail probably.
This one became a pair of earrings after I made another side to it. It's kind of funny looking because each side is different in size. but hey, no one can say I didn't try :)
This one I made thinking of my mom who is fond of square shaped things...
And this was the last object I made... right now, it's just a "thing" perhaps a paperweight of some sorts... I used the lost wax casting technique. so much fun!! and here you may be able to see more easily that it IS indeed a HUG an embrace!! :)

 I had a lot of fun with this class. Thanks to Peter Evonuk at MassArt for his patience and teachings.

I would like to create more things in the future using Metalsmithing techniques. But it is by NO MEANS an easy method....

I'm gonna leave you with one freshly made pair of earrings. and I will promise to update more regularly. Thanks for reading!! <3