Trip to NYC + Family Music Fest (6/5/2011)

It was an exciting trip I made to NYC last week.

The cocktail party at the Use Your Head Shop was very well attended and filled with glamour!

I finally got to see who the famous Countess LuAnn was for the first time! (i don't have tv.. so yea)

At the cocktail party, I managed to meet some really cool people who I would like to stay in touch with. and it was definitely an experience to have.

At the end of my trip in NYC, I went back to the store and Carlos took 5 more pairs of my earrings, which makes the total of consigned earrings 11 pairs!

I am very excited about that.

Did I mention that the first one sold?

This is all very exciting for LBEW!

Speaking of EXCITEMENT!

LBEW will be a participating vendor (1st time) at the Family Music Festival in Cambridge that will take place on JUNE 5th, 2011 from NOON - 3PM.

Which means, I'm gonna be in MAJOR PRODUCTION MODE from now till that exciting day comes!

SUNDAY, 6/5/2011
25 Lowell Street,
Cambridge, MA
(Across from Mount Auburn Hospital)

Hope you can make it?

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