LBEW might be branching beyond the border of Boston

So I am currently typing @ a beautiful, quirky youth hostel in Philadelhpia.
I am here for business as an event photographer for massmouth, which is my other passion in my day-to-day life these days.
I'll be documenting a smack-down between Boston vs Philly storytellers. So exciting!!!

Tomorrow I am heading to NYC to discuss the possibility of displaying my jewelry at a store in SoHo. I am very very excited!!
It's even cooler than it sounds because this store donates 100% of it's proceeds to rehabilitating homeless people in the city. Http://www.acenewyork.org
I first stumbled upon this store a couple weekends ago by chance. And when I heard about their cause, I instantly knew we had a connection....
So when I told Carlos my story with buttons and Rosie's Place he asked if I'd be interested in consigning my jewelry there. My response?
So tomorrow is the day!

Wish us luck??

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