They have finally arrived!!!

When I say "They" I mean my precious new business cards!!!

I thought I had to wait 21 days to have them in my two hands, but nope... it didn't take so long!!
GO Vistaprint!!!

I desperately needed the cards when I went to Philly-NYC last weekend, so I had to resort to making makeshift bzns cards at home with my little HP printer....
That was interesting...
It was indeed a pain to have them aligned right on the Adobe Illustrator (of which I've never used before), print them on card stock, and then CUT them..... I mean, it's simple manual labor (+some computer work) but it took way too long, and the outcome wasn't.... let's just say I wasn't 100% satisfied...

So now, I'm super PSYCHED!!

I also got a shiny card case to go with my minty fresh business cards!!

Wanna see? Sure you do.....

Aren't they beautiful!!????


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