!!!Poem Illustration Contest!!! (Submit by 7/15/2013)

Hey all creative folks out there,

I have a poem I want illustration for, and I decided, why not put a call out for a CONTEST!!

Flower Poem

by Paula Junn
All I wish to see is a flower blossoming in my palm
In sunshine and in rain
In light hearts and in pain

I also wish to let it go
Plant its preciousness in soil and let it grow
On its own, in its own body and strength

I wish to be there when it’s in full bloom,
When the sun shines through and through
As the ray of sun lifts the beauty in all its glory

I also wish to be there when the petals fall
And the color starts to fade
For it is time for it to wane

No room for regret
For she has left her seeds of beauty behind
Now there is hope that these will be even more divine

At this moment
I hand these seeds in your palm
So you can enjoy and taste the beauty of love and life
For there is no joy that could be bought at any price.

Contest details:
Deadline: July 15th, 2013
Winner will be announced on July 30th, 2013
submit your illustration by email: lbew.jewelry@gmail.com
Format: jpg, tiff, pdf; 300 dpi

Prize: $50 gift certificate to Artist and Craftsman Supply or Michael's

Now get crackin'!!!!



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